Trip 1

Seymour Mountain

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Seymour Mountain


Time From To Miles
9:30 AM Seward Mountain Trailhead Blueberry Lean-to 4.5
10:45 AM Blueberry Lean-to Ward Brook Lean-to 0.9
11:00 AM Ward Brook Lean-to Seymour Herd Path 0.1
11:01 AM Seymour Herd Path Seymour Summit 1.3
12:20 PM Seymour Summit N/A 0.0
Distance: 6.8 mi
Time: 2 hrs 50 mins

Getting to the Seymour Mountain Herd Path

Quick and Dirty

  1. Start hiking at the Seward Mountain Trailhead.
  2. Continue following the Blueberry foot trail until it ends at the Ward Brook Trail.
  3. Turn right down the Ward Brook Trail.
  4. You will see the first cairn on the right just after the first bridge on the Ward Brook Trail. This is the herd path to Seward, Donaldson and Emmons.
  5. Continue on the Ward Brook Trail until you see a second cairn on the right. This is the herd path to Seymour Mountain.

The Details

The hike along the Blueberry foot trail is very mild. It is an enjoyable hike because it is relatively flat, a good way to warm up legs for the Seymour Mountain herd path. The Blueberry foot trail runs parallel to a horse trail and the Ward Brook truck trail, the horse trail runs just south of the Blueberry foot trail, the Ward Brook truck tail runs just north of the Blueberry foot trail. The horse trail is not suitable for hiking, and the beginning of the Ward Brook Truck Trail is a private road. Follow the Blueberry foot trail. Eventually the Blueberry foot trail ends and meets the Ward Brook truck trail perpendicularly. Turn right, and you will head towards the herd paths to the mountains. Now that you have taken a right you will be walking down the Ward Brook truck trail heading southeast. Soon you will come to a bridge that passes over a stream, immediately after this bridge there is a cairn on the ground to your right. This cairn marks the herd path to Seward, Donaldson and Emmons. Continue walking on the Ward Brook truck trail and you will eventually see a second cairn on the ground to your right. This second cairn marks the herd path to Seymour Mountain.

 Seymour Mountain


Rank: #34
Elevation: 4,120 ft

The summit of Seymour Mountain is dense with trees. There is a small clearing where you can get a nice view, from this clearing look to the west and you will be able to see Seward, Donaldson and Emmons.

Seymour Mountain is named after Horatio Seymour; the 18th Governor of New York State. The herd path to the top of Seymour is unmarked, however, it is pretty well defined from the amount of foot traffic it receives.

The Details

The hike up Seymour Mountain unmarked and steep. Once you are about half way up the mountain you will come to a “slide” which is basically a path up steep smooth rock. Imagine a playground slide, but made out of rock and hundreds of times longer. The “slide” is NOT part of the herd path, the herd path continues to the right of the slide. The slide eventually meets up with the herd path closer to the summit. We do not recommend inexperienced hikers take on the slide, it is very steep and dangerous even when it is not wet, if you make one wrong move you could be heading a long way down. Continue on the herd path and you will have a safe journey to the summit of Seymour Mountain.


Andrew Caster